On Nightshift and Motherhood Part 2 (dami ko nga kasing alam, lol!)

Pag nagtagal medyo mahirap ang nanay ka nightshift ka pa (may part 1 dito kung type mong magbasa :D). Aside from missing your baby so so SO much that you end up logging out minutes before you’re really supposed to, battling the sea of people during the morning rush hour, elbowing random women with the ferociousness of a tigress (wow big words!) to be able to find yourself a seat in the train - just to see that one smile that will let you forget everything that went wrong during your work day.

There are obvious options that you have, in case sobrang intense na yung hardship. 

I didn't care if I had to spend more than 10 hours at work. As long as I had somewhere to take a power nap. It didn't really matter that I'd remain unbathed and without a fresh set of clothes. As long every frame was perfection. A seamless narration of peoples lives, companies services or someones grandmother's birthday. As long as it was done and ready to be enjoyed, it didn't matter back then, when it was just me, when it was just us. Now, I think of my son as the minutes tick by and I see the sun rising as I take my ride home. Did he wake up in the middle of the night? What time did he go back to sleep? Did he wake again? Has he eaten? How much? How little? How frequent and what? All I can think of is how I can make up for not being home when he wakes #overtime #mommytales #youngmaster #sobrangantokgrabe
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On Nightshift and Motherhood Part 1 (dami ko kasing alam, lol!)

Lets face it, it's difficult to go back to work after being a full time mommy to the most adorable baby (sobrang hirap, yung struggle totoong totoo to the bone marrows). It's even more of a challenge when you're not on the typical 9-5 day job. Nightshift ako friends.
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Para Sa Aming Akin

I didn't give you a name until a few months ago. I know, bad mommy. I guess I just didn't know how to deal with it, until every time I mentioned you everyone would say "So you have an angel watching over you". Now I am certain and ready, to give you your much deserved identity, Aura Kundiman Sabilano ("Akin" for short), it was hard to lose you, I wish we could have spent more time together. But at least I know you're with your GG and you're watching over us from up there. <3
My heart always,
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