Playing Dress Up - Style, Make Up, Photography and Design Addicts Volt In (Part 1)

If I have said it before I shall say it again, I LOVE shoving my friends into dressing rooms and handing them outfits to try on. I mostly do this when they have events to go to, specifically birthdays. Many people call this Styling and a lot of bloggers have actually made this a profession. But I prefer to keep it to a few friends who pay me with beer how gorgeous they look after I've forced them into carefully selected clothes and shoes that they will never even dream of wearing.

I can't emphasize the awesomeness that are my friends, they are amazingly as vain as I am  talented and finally we were able to volt in, yes I typed 'volt in' and showcase our talents in a photoshoot for portfolio and vanity purposes. It was just a bunch of girls and an amazing photographer hanging out at a photography studio one day, fooling around with make up and clothes.

All blabbery aside, here's our very first model: The Amazing Avii :)


Cheapskate Tuesdays! - Snip snip snip!

I finally had my hair cut! It isn't as extreme as the one in this post but my long tangled locks have finally been chopped off, to a fairly decent length.


Dress to Impress feat. Gap our Foster Furbaby from M.A.S.

My freelance/resting period is nearly over and the time to jump into another 9 to 5 is getting real close. With the realization that my trusty frou frou skorts, t-shirt  and flip flops ensemble will not land me the job of my dreams, I've put together two interchangeable outfits been making a line up of clothes to wear to interviews. For a good first impression you're supposed to put your best foot forward, sell yourself really well, have at least 2 copies of your CV, a black pen, and at the very least, look as close to a human as you can.
Necktie: Divisoria,  Top: From my mom's closet
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