Has it been 6 Months??!?! (Some Things First Time Moms Should Know)

I went through a typhoon of sorts after I gave birth to Cid (as in intense talaga friends), like a lot of babies he was a handful! Obvious na obvious when he came out he was a force to be reckoned with. He was 5 days overdue and survived, his cries were strong and demanding that he had every nurse on duty wrapped around his little finger. And as early as he could see and react he'd let you know through his expressive eyebrows (which he got from his Tatay) how absolutely weird, funny, noisy, ridiculous and amazing something is (react na react sya kala mo kung sinong matanda!).

A photo posted by Jana Sabs (@_janastyles_) on
A photo posted by Jana Sabs (@_janastyles_) on


Styling the Bump

One of the biggest challenges for me and many moms mid-pregnancy, was making sure that I had clothes that fit for the whole nine months. Actually the biggest challenge was having the will to wear something other than maternity jeans and my husband's t-shirts. I wasn't the stylish pregnant lady I envisioned myself to be. But given that I was carrying a boy popular belief told me that it was to be expected. This however, did not stop me from feeling like a total slob topped with the bushiest eyebrows in the metro. I decided right then and there that it was time to up the ante. 

Being that I was doomed to bedrest for my entire pregnancy I tool to the world wide web in search for the trendiest maternity outfits I could find. One of my first stops was Pinterest for a dash of inspiration. If you send me off to a store online or off I go too crazy if I don't have outfit ideas from the get go. Check out my Pinterest to see my outfit inspirations.
Naturally my first online stop to jumpstart my styling the bump project was Zalora. I've picked out a few pieces that are totally wearable throughout my pregnancy and even after!

This one also comes in black and white of you 
want something a bit more classic

Take a look at Zalora's big rage of fashion for moms-to-be from Buntis here.
There is no excuse to looking frumpy when you're pregnant, you already feel different and sometimes bloated putting on some cute threads may just be the way to make you feel a bit better on those bad days :D
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Talkin' 'bout My Boy

Gender reveal is one of the most exciting things during a pregnancy. Finally you can stop calling the baby "it","she/he", or just plain "baby" and finally give it a legit name or nickname. Before we found out Cid's gender we called him "fetus" or  "feetz" for short. Although medyo na attach na kami sa nickname na "feetz" easybells lang, let it go (like Frozen) and embrace the very first information that gave our little peanut an identity.

Hubby dreaded a girl, he knew the little struggles being around girls from having two challenging sisters, losing his parents at an early age and having to take care of them. Marrying a strong headed woman himself, he knew what he was going to get into if the ultrasound showed no magic stick. I on the other hand felt it was a boy, I had all the common "side effects" of having boys. I had totally abandoned my eyebrows, forgotten my fashion sense and never wore deodorant at home, o di ba diyosang diyosa!
First time in over 5 months that I actually thought
of exfoliating and making use of a face mask.

Finding out that we were having a boy was both exciting and nerve racking. Thankfully I have a bit of experience with handling boys from being tita of my sisters two boys. But even so, I couldn't help but wonder if, aside from the looming fear of being a crap mom, if I would be able to handle or relate to the little boy swimming around in my belly. How about the dream of pink sparkly things and little baby doll shoes and smocking dresses that I had secretly planned to hoard once I found out I was having a girl?
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