Cheapskate Tuesdays! - Snip snip snip!

I finally had my hair cut! It isn't as extreme as the one in this post but my long tangled locks have finally been chopped off, to a fairly decent length.


Dress to Impress feat. Gap our Foster Furbaby from M.A.S.

My freelance/resting period is nearly over and the time to jump into another 9 to 5 is getting real close. With the realization that my trusty frou frou skorts, t-shirt  and flip flops ensemble will not land me the job of my dreams, I've put together two interchangeable outfits been making a line up of clothes to wear to interviews. For a good first impression you're supposed to put your best foot forward, sell yourself really well, have at least 2 copies of your CV, a black pen, and at the very least, look as close to a human as you can.
Necktie: Divisoria,  Top: From my mom's closet


WHOOHOO!!!! Blog Relaunch Giveaway Winner!

Bring out the winners banquet, Pop the champagne and stuff your faces! It's time to reveal the winner of my very very very first giveaway!

Congrats to Ms. Aleckzandra Palisoc for winning my very first ever Giveaway! 
Kick me over an email with your details so I can send over the package! :D

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