Cheapskate Tuesdays! - Snip snip snip!

I finally had my hair cut! It isn't as extreme as the one in this post but my long tangled locks have finally been chopped off, to a fairly decent length.

What surprised me about this specific salon trip was my choice of salon. Normally I would go to Bench and call on my favorite stylist to have an afternoon chat while getting my hair trimmed treated, topped of with a mani/pedi maybe even colored and run my bill without even noticing while hubby bear roamed the mall. This time I was determined to be a guy about it, and accomplish it in a very guy manner, go to salon-get a simple haircut-pay a small price for it. This, not the man part, but the not spending a fortune on a hair cut unless it's a life-changing-after-breaking-up-surviving-stress-need-a-change kind of thing decision to spend less was influenced by my friend who goes to the local salon near her area and pays at the most P80 for a hair cut. I was impressed and down right jealous!

My initial plan was to hop on over to Cubao and find a small salon there that can give my hair some layers, but I remembered there was a place that opened up a year or two ago at a mall close to our place.
I don't think I would have ever thought I'd step into Validossa for fear that I would come out with Rainbow Bright on my head. They had dancing and singing hair stylists and super loud all out Pinoy music blaring from their speakers for their grand opening and weeks after that. Hoping that my attempt at a budget hair cut won't go down the drain because I was growing lazier and lazier to commute to cubao I went a head and checked out their price list...P38.00 for cut, shapoo and blow dry. *happy dance*

Midway through my cut my hair stylist was becoming a little more comfortable with me, flirting with the hubby and making jokes about how many hair pins I stuck on my hair. All in all it was good to be surrounded by fun loving gay awesomeness and celebrity tsismis (gossip).

As for the haircut, I would have wanted it longer than it turned out but it will grow back to it's human eating form soon the length that I want anyway, thirty eight Pesos chicks! :D

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