This weekend was........ @.@

Let me give you a run down of what I did this weekend.

Craft day 

My maids of honor and I met up at Uncle Moe's in City Gov to put together the pretty envelopes that all the VIP's are getting for the wedding. My invites haven't arrived just yet (yeah I know super late), but I decided not to panic, I got one batch of test prints which I've already sent to the family of my adoptive sister (they seem to be hurrying me about the invite I really don't know why). And we made about 18 envelopes which isn't even half of the number that we have to make but, it was a good start. :)

I had to stop over to Megamall to grab the lace for my gown, my designer didn't want to go all the way to my area (she's from Paranaque) to get it, so she decided to chop the cost off the gown and have me buy the material instead. The first time we went to Carolina's I couldn't find the right pattern so I settled choosing one that was close to what I wanted, thankfully we didn't buy it that day. This time there seemed to be more selections so I was able find one that was in the right shade of cream and the pattern that I really liked :) I didn't take a photo of it...but I promise it's gorgeous!


I saw pretty shoes at Primadonna last week and wasn't sure if I wanted to buy them but of all the shoes that I've seen these were the ones that spoke to me and I literally imagined walking down the aisle with them. Yeah I know, they won't be seen when I walk down the aisle but they were comfy enough and simple enough to be used after the wedding. I loved the color too and most importantly (since my feet always look so manly), they made my feet look pretty. Who wants to keep their wedding shoes in a box forever anyway??

Some of you guys know I'm under this program that helps the clothes in my closet grow on me every month. Like all the weekends, I had to run off to the grocery to get my week's worth of food :)

Danced our asses off
Do you guys know Matt? He's that dude form the "Where the hell is Matt" series on Youtube, here's a video of you guys haven't stumbled upon his videos yet:

Last week my colleague at work mentioned that he was going to be at UP Diliman on Sunday at 2pm. We found the event page that explained all the details and decided that we were going to find, and meet Matt.

While we were having the briefing, someone mentioned that they wish it wouldn't rain (it's been strangely rainy these past few weeks here in Manila, bipolar weather...*sigh*), and just when we started dancing with Matt, the rain began to fall....oh well, thus our wet-look photo.

Source: Uploaded by user via Ashley on Pinterest

It was one of those things that I couldn't pass up, the experience was worth more than the time :D

Children's Party

One of my flower girl's celebrated her birthday last Sunday, she's the daughter of one of the fiance's friends. We decided it would be a great time, not only to make this little girl happy on her day but also to meet the rest of his friends. It was fun to hang around and watch all the games, sadly we had to leave early so we could cook my meals for the week :( .

Thank goodness I bought a dress from Primadonna that day because this party was right after dancing with Matt! I had to use my Christmas day dress at the party, maybe this means I should get another one :D.

Bridal Registry

We've been so busy, I couldn't believe that I waited this long to register. My nerves just went away when I saw the Bridal Registry room in Rustan's Shangrila, and how accommodating and calm the account personnel handled everything. You just fill out their form, tell them which kind of registry you would like, yes they have kinds :D, and they give you cards that say that you are registered in Rustan's that you can insert in your wedding invitations :)

Sunday night, I started with the envelopes the guests are getting for the wedding, simpler but still pretty, at least that's what I think :). I got in the groove of making them but I didn't have enough envelopes to finish :(

Weekend highlights:
  • Buying 3 little gifts for the birthday girl, imagining how she'd enjoy them.
  • Volunteering to dance on top of a Jeepney.
  • Dancing under the rain on the roof of Jeepney.
  • Falling in love with Rustan's Bridal Registry.
  • Meeting the shoes I will walk down the aisle with.
  • Finding Yoplait Yoplus, non fat yoghurt
  • Bonding with my maids of honor, they're always there when I'm stressed.
  • Finding the perfect lace for my gown :)
  • Cheap date with my fiance:
Have a great week everyone!!! I hope you guys liked this post....I figured I should at least show you guys what I was doing even if I couldn't show you what I was wearing :D


Cheapskate Tuesday!

Top: Shop Incez Axe (Php 250), Denim skirt: Thrifted (Php 150), Flats: SM Hypermart (Php 300)
Necklace: Bubbles (Php 295), Bangles: SM Department Store, Charm Bracelet: Eastwood City bazaar (Php 150)

Last, last weekend I had a dinner with the maids of honor, I think they wanted to make sure I was still sane. I didn't want to be too dressed up so I decided to just throw on a denim skirt and this top that I wore in a corporate outfit a long time ago. I regret wearing this skirt though because it was freezing outside but thankfully I grabbed my cardigan before leaving the house and it served as my blanket for the night. I did have to go to the little girls room a lot though (hihi :D).

Random thought: I miss reading blogs...I remember when I used to have all the time in the world to blog hop but now with all the work that was handed to me the past weeks and all the stuff I have to fix for the wedding I haven't had enough time to write my long and winding comments. I promise, once I'm out of the stuff that's piled on me I will surely get back and read all your wonderful blog entries that I miss so much!

P.S. Sorry I didn't have time to do the arrow things on the photo today, but the prices are on the caption :D

A little over a month to go!

Dress: Thrifted, Cardigan: Forever21, Belt: Eastwood City bazaar, Shoes: Forever21, Necklace: Bubbles,
Bangles: Saizen Market Market/Seasons Shangrila Mall, Charm Bracelet: Eastwood City bazaar

Due to all the sunny days, I decided it would be nice to look a bit summer-y at the office last week. Sadly the sun didn't stay very long and it started to rain a bit more throughout the week which confused everyone. Oh weather, why must you be so moody?

I woke up one day and realized it's December. It's a little over a month to go before the big day and there's a ton of things to do! Invitations, guest list, songs, OH MY! Last Wednesday the fiance and I hopped on over to the caterer's office to check out the mock set up for our reception. Our angel Kaye, the awesome person that handles our account made such an awesome set up I was totally impressed that she was able to capture the vibe that I really wanted. Here's a sneak peek of the center piece for you guys :D

Oh the wedding bells are getting louder and louder, and I don't know how I'm going to hold every one of my responsibilities together! I still have a few more weeks left of work and I love posting but 24 hours just isn't enough for everything nowadays. I will still try to post as often as I can I promise, hopefully I won't drown in wedding bells and paperwork!

You guys have an awesome week!
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