Off for a Few

If I could think up of blog posts, write and take photos olday-erday all day everyday and post more than once or twice a week I'd be golden! Alas, there are adult tasks that won't go away deadlines to meet, people to see and puppies that need to go potty. I will be offline for a few days, totally against my will of course. I will miss reading blogs (which totally sucks) and leaving long ass comments, but I'll be back this weekend or beginning of next at the latest :D

But before I go I'd like to leave you with:
A song

Some food
Recipe from The Monster & Me

Some words:

And something to think about:

Have a great week and weekend chicks! :D

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When a Heart Breaks

If you have a friend crying over a guy, whether it be because of a break up, forbidden love or simply because the guy is a douche  not a very nice person. You don't just sit next to her, offer words of comfort and wisdom and tell her it's going to be okay. You get all your friends together, tell them to bring enough the fatty foods and alcohol they can gather, and have a wild night of drunken madness and intense man hating session party!

 We set off munching on my famous pasta and buffalo chicken nuggets while sipping on mixed drinks. As you can see these ladies have gotten the fashion blogger pose down to the T!

Getting over someone isn't an easy task. I think it's safe to say that we're all a bit too familiar on how this goes:


To Cut or Not to Cut

I think I go through this every two years, I have an internal battle about cutting my hair. Everyone goes through this, in my experience there was really only a few times I was happy I chopped off all my curly locks and kept it short. The last time I did it for my birthday 2 years back and back then every time I was going through something and needed to do the really ugly cry with super depressing music like Angel by Sarah McLachlan to have an emotional moment, I would dramatically reach for my hair and...grasp at what was left. Since then, I was determined to grow it out for my future hair-grabbing-ugly-crying-snot-dripping-heart-wrenching-award-winning drama scenes.


Pretty Little Things

It was in first year high school when I started to lock any willing kabarkada into a dressing room and hand them outfits that I personally picked for them in the store. It was also in high school when I developed my interest in multimedia arts, thus graduating a few years later with a degree in multimedia. Why the history lesson? Because it was back then when I realized I liked to make people and things pretty or feel pretty or be prettier (word for the day guys, ok?). This the bottom line of my shop Little Things by J it was basically to give me another chance to make pretty things :D.

This week I was finally able to add a new set of arm candies at the shop! I've been off doing so many other things the past two weeks I wasn't able to just sit down and craft. It was a total relief when I was able to finish 11 arm candies :D. Here are some of my favorites:


Predicting the Future in True Bohemian/Hippie Style

If you are anything like me when it comes to fashion, you don't only know the trends, you also know what's going to trend. Being alive for 3 decades can show a girl a thing or two about what's coming out and coming back if you really pay attention. If there's anything I learned that's true about fashion, it's just like history. Fashion repeats itself. This is why a lot of bloggers go to thrift stores, rummaging through the racks for something not only unique or vintage but for something they can add to their present collection of pieces.

Through my very trusty sources (Pinterest and Google) I've gathered up the pretty hippie/boho pieces that I think will make a comeback or have already made their return and are slowly squeezing they way back in style :)

The Bell Bottoms

Image from The Fashion Update

When these babies went back into fashion during the late 90's I could not stop wearing them. My only problem was, I am short and if I had them cut the style would look weird :\. But I got myself a pair that I could wear in wedges and I was good to go. I have a feeling these won't only be in denim (and high waisted) but they'll probably be in print and lace too!

So try and get some of those old skinny jeans and turn them into bell bottoms, I've already done mine! Let me know if you guys want a DIY post on it :D

Embroidered Tops And Dresses

Intricate details and bold colors are my thing, and there's a 60's-70's vibe starting to emerge I think this is one of the things that will re-appear on the racks if not on the streets pretty soon.

Image from Etsy

Boho Tops
Of course these are kind of related to our embroidered tops, anything with deep colors and floral print is normally considered boho. These loose fitted tops are the best as long as it's paired with tight fitting pants/bell bottoms or flares. In true boho fashion you can be stylish and laid back at the same time.

The Floppy Hat

Image from Bellyitch
Okay, I have no idea if I can pull this off anywhere else but the beach, but yes, the floppy hat is and probably has been back for a few months now. I am a bit of a coward when it comes to hats even if I love them, I just can't wear them (it's normally a forehead issue, yes I have forehead issues). To top off what they call the new or modern boho look you're going to have to get yourself one of these, if not to shield yourself from the sun or the rain (we never know with this bipolar weather we have).

Bohemian/Hippie style has never gone out of fashion, like all the trends that come into the cycle they always change a little here and there. What we get to do is add our own little signatures and call the look ours :). What do you guys think will come into trend soon?

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