Date outfit?

I've been thinking of dates recently, possibly because I have been itching to watch a movie and been hinting about it for weeks. Thankfully, my fiance got the hint yesterday and decided to take me on my movie date (after I made mini dramatic scene about watching it alone heehee :P). I was thinking of wearing this outfit but it was all rainy and I didn't want to risk a Marilyn Monroe moment in the middle of the street. I figured I'd use it on another date, or when I go with the bridesmaids to a fitting :D

I never thought I'd be able to pair this skirt with anything in my closet but yay, I did it!

Cardigan : Landmark, Makati
Tank top : Greenhills Shopping Center
Skirt : Vintage (my mom's old tennis skirt!)
Necklace : Vintage
Shoes : Fioni from Payless

Edit: Please don't mind my mamoth legs :P


Lush teal velvet awesomesauce

Stomach ache pose!

After every year of cleaning out my closet, this teal velvet love is one thing I have never even thought of giving away. I figured, I could eventually fit into it (it was smaller than when I bought it, yay! :D) and eventually find a really good out fit for it. Well my friends, today is the day.

Blazer : SM Megamall Department Store
Lace Dress : Forever 21
Necklace : from Mom's jewelry box (it's a real orchid coated in gold!)
Bracelets : Greenhills Shopping Center
Shoes : Brash from Payless SM Megamall


Florals and Stripes and Everything Nice

This outfit was inspired by Kendi Everyday, so much so, that it's a total rip off! I want to be like her when I grow up :). Obsessing aside, I really did like her outfit and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it with finds from the Eastwood Bazaar. I'm really happy about the result!

Cardigan : Eastwood City Bazaar
Floral Top : Eastwood City Bazaar
Belt : Eastwood City Bazaar
Jeans : Bench SM Megamall
Shoes : Fioni from Payless
Ring : Eastwood Mall Bazaar
Necklace : Vintage (from mom's jewelry box :))

(I really have to get those jeans altered)

That's what boyfriends are here for

(all the snappies were taken by the fiance :P)

Okay...maybe it was wrong of me to look through his closet and decide to steal his old jeans. But doesn't that make them mine now, and part of my closet? Right? *guilty smile*

I've been looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans since people started wearing boyfriend jeans, I'm so mainstream. Of course I found a pair in my boyfriend's closet, one that I swear he hasn't used in a month or so, it had a small hole in the crotch area so I had to make some repairs to it but that's pretty much it! Now they're as good as new!

I hope the rain stops soon...It's so sad to shoot photos when it's all gloomy like this! Stay safe everyone and keep warm!

Top : SM Megamall Department Store ( I bought this YEARS ago, but any white shirt will do :))
Scarf : Greenhills Shopping Center
Jeans : Vurve Cyberone Eastwood City
Shoes : Black Chuck Taylors - Converse
Bangles : Glorietta 2 (before it went kaboom :\ )
Ring : Eastwood Mall Bazaar


Stepping up to the challenge!

Hullow there :D!!! Excuse my uber enthusiasm, I'm always very excited when I put up a new blog and always get bored with it after awhile. Hopefully I get my giddy-self still for this one and just keep on posting.

I'm starting this blog because I love fashion, I love looking through my closet everyday and figuring out new outfit combination and I love bargains. Nothing different, but I just decided I want to share my mix and matches with you guys. But enough of me blabbing about what I know and what I don't know. (I'm boring everyone). Bottom line is, if you have an ample amount of love for fashion like I do, then you're reading the right blog!

To start this blog practically I have decided to take Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Remix Challenge!!! The rules are simple, I'm going to be taking 30 items from my closet to make 30 outfits :D. But because I'm a lazy ass...I didn't exactly pick 30 items, I just know I have to come up with 30 outfits (or more if I feel like it) with what's in my closet. Hopefully I'll get by without shopping for anything for 30 days, if I don't you'll never know *snicker snicker*. But the main reason I decided to start this challenge was because I bought a new pair of shoes that I shouldn't have and I've felt completely guilty for spending too much on clothes and shoes. Without further delay let me introduce you to my first outfit!

I absolutely LOVE this top, I'm not one for roses but look at it! Florals are back! Well, at least for now but didn't want to spend too much on anything floral because eventually they'll stop being cool and start making you look dated. I think I look like a happy professional chick in this outfit :D. And yes, those are my guilty-shoes. I wore this to work last week minus the shoes though.. :D

Top : Random find from the Eastwood bazaar (they have it every weekend :D)
Belt : Random find from the Eastwood bazaar (again)
Skirt : Thrifted!
Shoes : Brash from Payless Megamall (meep!)

Yes...I know, I fail at taking photos by myself, my fiance couldn't be around today to help me out unfortunately. So I solicited the help of my trusty window ledge. They'll get better I promise!
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