That's what boyfriends are here for

(all the snappies were taken by the fiance :P)

Okay...maybe it was wrong of me to look through his closet and decide to steal his old jeans. But doesn't that make them mine now, and part of my closet? Right? *guilty smile*

I've been looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans since people started wearing boyfriend jeans, I'm so mainstream. Of course I found a pair in my boyfriend's closet, one that I swear he hasn't used in a month or so, it had a small hole in the crotch area so I had to make some repairs to it but that's pretty much it! Now they're as good as new!

I hope the rain stops soon...It's so sad to shoot photos when it's all gloomy like this! Stay safe everyone and keep warm!

Top : SM Megamall Department Store ( I bought this YEARS ago, but any white shirt will do :))
Scarf : Greenhills Shopping Center
Jeans : Vurve Cyberone Eastwood City
Shoes : Black Chuck Taylors - Converse
Bangles : Glorietta 2 (before it went kaboom :\ )
Ring : Eastwood Mall Bazaar

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