To Cut or Not to Cut

I think I go through this every two years, I have an internal battle about cutting my hair. Everyone goes through this, in my experience there was really only a few times I was happy I chopped off all my curly locks and kept it short. The last time I did it for my birthday 2 years back and back then every time I was going through something and needed to do the really ugly cry with super depressing music like Angel by Sarah McLachlan to have an emotional moment, I would dramatically reach for my hair and...grasp at what was left. Since then, I was determined to grow it out for my future hair-grabbing-ugly-crying-snot-dripping-heart-wrenching-award-winning drama scenes.

A few weeks ago, I was casually looking through Youtube when I spontaneously decided to be rid of my long side swept bangs and go full-frontal for full bangs. I watched about 4 tutorials, shoved an image of a woman with curly hair and full bangs at my husband and with his approval, grabbed my scissors and walked into the bathroom.

I tried to straighten my hair with an iron, it wasn't going to happen.
And then a few days ago, I saw this:

I don't think I'm going to be able to help myself...

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