Date outfit?

I've been thinking of dates recently, possibly because I have been itching to watch a movie and been hinting about it for weeks. Thankfully, my fiance got the hint yesterday and decided to take me on my movie date (after I made mini dramatic scene about watching it alone heehee :P). I was thinking of wearing this outfit but it was all rainy and I didn't want to risk a Marilyn Monroe moment in the middle of the street. I figured I'd use it on another date, or when I go with the bridesmaids to a fitting :D

I never thought I'd be able to pair this skirt with anything in my closet but yay, I did it!

Cardigan : Landmark, Makati
Tank top : Greenhills Shopping Center
Skirt : Vintage (my mom's old tennis skirt!)
Necklace : Vintage
Shoes : Fioni from Payless

Edit: Please don't mind my mamoth legs :P

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