Our little fail day.

 Presenting our fail day pose on the lower left...my fiance doesn't seem too sad about it though haha

Isn't this scarf just gorgeous???!! I found it in one of the stalls at the Boracay Market, grabbed it and held on for dear life!

Our Saturday was fail day mostly because I was wearing this and when we were on our way to the grocery it started to pour with matching wind! We had umbrellas but it was like nothing, I could have just been walking under the rain and no one would notice the difference. Thankfully though there was a major highlight to our day. We finally got to talk to the tattoo artist, she was super professional and enthusiastic about the designs we wanted her to do. Mine is really detailed, so I decided to save just a bit more money for it since all the detail is really important to me. Besides, it is my mom's face that I want on my skin, I want to make sure that it really looks like her and not some strange lady :D. I just have to send a few things over to the artist, and she'll get started with my design, I'll visit her in a few days to check on it (I'm so excited!).

I stumbled upon another awesome give away at Simone's Fashion Closet you guys need to rush over there! There will be four winners to this giveaway, each price has clothing and accessories! Yet another thing to be excited about. So quick! Hop on over there and join! I know you want toooo :D

Tank Top: Greenhills Shopping Center
Pants: Thrifted!
Shoes: Ipanema
Scarf: Boracay Market
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