Hangin' with the bridesmaids

My fiance's attempt at a paparazzi shot.

Sooo....I was forced to buy a few pairs of pants this week because my colleague and good friend Cameele decided that laughing me out of my 3 month old skinny now baggy jeans was the best way to get me to buy new ones. Yeah, okay fine, I'm happy I got new slacks and jeggings that fit well and don't look like pajamas (*sigh* if only pajamas are allowed at work). I am still losing weight (30 lbs more to go actually), in a very healthy manner by the way, but this part of my life is another story all together and it's really boring so lets not get into that. I figured jeggings were the way to go, they'll last me two more months without turning into pajams (waaayyy too much babble already, I know).


I wore this today on our little trip to Market Market the fiance to meet up with our designer and two of my bridesmaids for a fitting. I love how I get to see the progress of the dresses I envisioned with her, she's such a wonderful designer. I took so many colors and asked her to do so many combinations and changed my mind a bazillion times I don't know how she puts up with me! The rest of the bridesmaids, the maids of honor and two flower girls are fitting next weekend! EGZOITING! :D But for now here are my two gorgeous bridesmaids :D

Lovely aren't they? :D 

Top: Eastwood City Bazaar
Jeggings: Eastwood City Bazaar
Shoes: Fioni from Payless
Bracelet: Eastwood City Bazaar
Necklace: Market Market Department Store

Edit: Oh! And there's my new hair do! You like it? :D I love my curls but I'm so happy my hair's shorter now, I felt the weight off my shoulders, not to mention saves so much shampoo! :D

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