Hello there Monday!

I don't want to be hostile towards Mondays, I know it means work and another long week ahead but a few months back I have actually made peace with my Mondays. Besides, there are way too many Mondays in life and I don't want to have that many enemies :D

Today, I decided to leave later for work cause I figured I could avoid the Monday morning rush of people, but recently I've been noticing the rest of Mandaluyong (the city I live in) has decided to all go to work late on the same day. I used to have my commute timed just right, but for a few months now I've been off, I keep arriving when a swarm of people are waiting at the loading area. Naturally I promise myself I'd wake up and go to work earlier than I usually do, but we all know that never works. Oh commuting woes, I can't wait to move nearer, that way my only problem will be a dude walking way too slow, or girls walking too slow in a row (oh! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!). :)

You know those days when you went to sleep late the night before but for some reason your eyes opened so early and refused to go back to sleep?? I had one of those days when I put this look together, I literally stumbled out of bed, tripped into the shower, crawled out and accidentally fell into my closet. Usually I'd get my outfit for the next day, laid out in the bathroom before I sleep (okay fine not usually, most of the time...okay okay, it's sometimes) but I was way to lazy to stare at my closet that night and decided to crawl into bed and stare at the TV instead (everyone has staring preferences right??). My brain panicked, while I stood staring (I'm so redundant) into my closet hoping for any of my clothes to pop out, partially hoping that someone secretly went shopping for me the day before to surprise me with new stuff to wear, alas no new things :( . And then I remembered....ah, that black dress I only wore once since I bought it! I looked around for it and found it almost hiding under one of my sweaters (I think it's shy, I haven't taught it how to socialize yet). I topped with my hot pink cardigan, my black tights to pass dress code and my favorite witch heels from Charles and Keith! Phew! I think it came out pretty decent :)

Don't fight it, embrace it, lets try and be friends with our Mondays from now on shall we?
Happy Monday everyone!

Cardigan: Landmark Makati
Dress: Human
Belt: Eastwood City Bazaar
Tights: SM Megamall Department store
Shoes: Charles and Keith
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