Comfy but Chic

Last Friday was awesomeballs! I had so much fun with my colleagues, hanging out at the new bakery for breakfast, at the company event that night AND going for drinks after said event. I love it when we all get to wind down and have some laughs at the end of the week, hopefully we could do more of that.

I decided to simplify it last friday (since it's casual jeans day at work) with a bohemian-ish top, my favorite mustard cardigan and my trusty "rain flats". They did me well, I was comfortable the entire day :D What's your comfy but chic  outfit? :D

That person behind me is a colleague of mine, her name's Trisha, say hi everyone :D

 Since she was already there, I decided to have her in the shot.

Sorry for the blurry photos...I think my lens needed a bit of cleaning :P

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

Cardigan: Greenhills Shopping Center
Top: Landmark Makati
Jeans: Bench SM Megamall
Flats: Eastwood City Bazaar

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