Cheapskate Tuesday!

Top: Shop Incez Axe (Php 250), Denim skirt: Thrifted (Php 150), Flats: SM Hypermart (Php 300)
Necklace: Bubbles (Php 295), Bangles: SM Department Store, Charm Bracelet: Eastwood City bazaar (Php 150)

Last, last weekend I had a dinner with the maids of honor, I think they wanted to make sure I was still sane. I didn't want to be too dressed up so I decided to just throw on a denim skirt and this top that I wore in a corporate outfit a long time ago. I regret wearing this skirt though because it was freezing outside but thankfully I grabbed my cardigan before leaving the house and it served as my blanket for the night. I did have to go to the little girls room a lot though (hihi :D).

Random thought: I miss reading blogs...I remember when I used to have all the time in the world to blog hop but now with all the work that was handed to me the past weeks and all the stuff I have to fix for the wedding I haven't had enough time to write my long and winding comments. I promise, once I'm out of the stuff that's piled on me I will surely get back and read all your wonderful blog entries that I miss so much!

P.S. Sorry I didn't have time to do the arrow things on the photo today, but the prices are on the caption :D
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