A little over a month to go!

Dress: Thrifted, Cardigan: Forever21, Belt: Eastwood City bazaar, Shoes: Forever21, Necklace: Bubbles,
Bangles: Saizen Market Market/Seasons Shangrila Mall, Charm Bracelet: Eastwood City bazaar

Due to all the sunny days, I decided it would be nice to look a bit summer-y at the office last week. Sadly the sun didn't stay very long and it started to rain a bit more throughout the week which confused everyone. Oh weather, why must you be so moody?

I woke up one day and realized it's December. It's a little over a month to go before the big day and there's a ton of things to do! Invitations, guest list, songs, OH MY! Last Wednesday the fiance and I hopped on over to the caterer's office to check out the mock set up for our reception. Our angel Kaye, the awesome person that handles our account made such an awesome set up I was totally impressed that she was able to capture the vibe that I really wanted. Here's a sneak peek of the center piece for you guys :D

Oh the wedding bells are getting louder and louder, and I don't know how I'm going to hold every one of my responsibilities together! I still have a few more weeks left of work and I love posting but 24 hours just isn't enough for everything nowadays. I will still try to post as often as I can I promise, hopefully I won't drown in wedding bells and paperwork!

You guys have an awesome week!
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