Pretty Little Things

It was in first year high school when I started to lock any willing kabarkada into a dressing room and hand them outfits that I personally picked for them in the store. It was also in high school when I developed my interest in multimedia arts, thus graduating a few years later with a degree in multimedia. Why the history lesson? Because it was back then when I realized I liked to make people and things pretty or feel pretty or be prettier (word for the day guys, ok?). This the bottom line of my shop Little Things by J it was basically to give me another chance to make pretty things :D.

This week I was finally able to add a new set of arm candies at the shop! I've been off doing so many other things the past two weeks I wasn't able to just sit down and craft. It was a total relief when I was able to finish 11 arm candies :D. Here are some of my favorites:

Follow @littlethingsbyj on instagram if you want to see more :D

Have a great week chicks! :)

P.S. There's two weeks left to join my giveaway! :D
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