When a Heart Breaks

If you have a friend crying over a guy, whether it be because of a break up, forbidden love or simply because the guy is a douche  not a very nice person. You don't just sit next to her, offer words of comfort and wisdom and tell her it's going to be okay. You get all your friends together, tell them to bring enough the fatty foods and alcohol they can gather, and have a wild night of drunken madness and intense man hating session party!

 We set off munching on my famous pasta and buffalo chicken nuggets while sipping on mixed drinks. As you can see these ladies have gotten the fashion blogger pose down to the T!

Getting over someone isn't an easy task. I think it's safe to say that we're all a bit too familiar on how this goes:

  1. When the sh*t hits the fan Shock - You can't expect to be able to digest the fact that the person you care about is calling it quits. This can take a few mins to forever depending on your coping capabilities.
  2. Dodging the sh*t Denial - Relentlessly defending the person who just broke your heart, to everyone you know. Insisting that there is still a chance he will magically take you back like in those chick flicks that  were made to fool you into believing men can read minds and ex's realize how amazing you really are after they've let go just melt your heart.
  3. Sh*t wars Anger - Stating the obvious: the world is so unfair!@#$*!&@?!?
  4. Negosh*tting Bargaining - making increasingly unreasonable promises, out of sheer desperation.
  5. Shit really happens Acceptance - this is where you finally realize that you are worth so much more than that scumbag.
 Determined to release bad vibes and heartache, we transferred
to the balcony where we had more drinks
You will go through these five stages but not necessarily in that exact order, some may repeat until you are finally really really really really able to accept the facts that you already know. Just go with the flow, cry as much as you need to, get the best support you can and you'll eventually get through it.

Make-up therapy
5 mins of feelings
Andy hangin' out with the beautiful ones!
Getting hurt sucks is part of life, some of us spend time avoiding it, some of us dive into it. Learn from your experiences because stupid people should not breed it's those heart-wrenching moments that usually bring you closer to the one you're really meant for.

Have a grand week chicks! :D

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