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I was around babies a lot when I was a teenager. My sister got married when I was 13 and our cousin who lived right next door to us, got married when I was about 9 or 10. So once they started having kids (three each!) I was one of the designated babysitters of the family. This is what I know from the little I experienced as an aunt to three 2 boys and 4 girls:

Cribs are useful. 
At the time formula milk was a big thing, not a lot of mothers were breastfeeding, unlike nowadays where more mothers are exclusively breastfeeding (which is the right way to go). And there were no latched babies every 2 hours and hardly any of them slept on the same bed as their parents. So even after I read that it might be useless to get a crib since we have decided to try to stick to breastfeeding exclusively, I still got one, because something told me to, and cribs are useful. 
When I was first deciding on what kind of crib to get, I opted to get something that wasn't too expensive (kasi kuripot ako at sabi ng mga peeps hindi naman talaga kailangan sobrang bongga yung crib ng baby mo basta matibay). I've had relatives and friends who've told me they always splurge on their first born, buy all the branded and top notch gear only to regret it later on. So after looking at the beautiful Chicco crib that had built in songs, night light, vibrator and what not, cost as much as a second hand car-I decided I wanted to go a different route.
I found a place here in Quezon City that handmade rattan furniture and had a lot of experience with making cribs! After pestering my hubby to make sure they can make it adjustable, so we wouldn't have to get Cid a playpen when he gets older and it would be the right color of varnish, we decided it was a go. It arrived a week ago and I can't stop looking at how each material is a different color and some of them bend slightly a different way from one another. Perfect imperfection :)
You can have a nursery if you want to. 
There was a designated room at my parents house for the baby, my nephews and my niece were all transferred to the baby room when they were 4-6 months old and stayed there until they insisted on sleeping elsewhere.  I on the other hand decided that I'm not preparing a separate room for Cid until he's big enough to ask for one, so for now he's going to have to make do with his little corner in our room.
I looked through dozens of nurseries to find what I wanted to do with Cid's corner. I knew we couldn't do much because I wanted to be practical about it, but I also wanted to be creative. I remembered a post on the blog CurryStrumpet on her daughter Tala's baby room which I thought was really unique.

Images from Curry Strumpet Blog
Tala's nursery was my very first inspiration. Here are other photos that inspired me during my Google search of nurseries.

Finally after looking through color templates and tons and tons of Pinterest boards, I'm finally set on how and what to decorate with. You guys are going to have to wait to see ;)
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