Two Pink Lines

Every time I'm pregnant it's always a surprise. The first one, which we lost a few weeks in, came during a time when we really weren't ready to have a family. And then this little guy who also came as unexpectedly as the first, popped up on the ultrasound monitor just as I had gotten into a new job and moved into a new home. 

The first few months of pregnancy I was commuting to work from Quezon City all the way to Pasay and the only way to do it (slightly) comfortably is using the MRT (course I wouldn't even dream of going on that train nowadays!). It's hard work being in your first trimester (kung kelan sobrang haggard at sobrang intense ang hilo) standing in line just to get yourself a ticket cause you're prepaid one just ran out. Looking up at a sign that says you need to be "obviously pregnant" to get served at that particular side of the station in those particular windows. Obviously pregnant??? Ano ba yan MRT. I carried around my ultrasound film just in case someone came up to me and questioned me about being pregnant, thankfully no one did.

During my second trimester, when most moms get a burst of energy and are able to do most things if not all. I was sick almost every week with really bad cough and colds, it got so bad that one day I was at the mall with my husband and had an asthma attack without knowing it was one (WILD di ba?!). So I was confined to working from home and have not been able to travel all that much because of it.

Third trimester is thankfully a bit easier but only because I actually recognize the causes of my asthma, I got myself a nebulizer and a trusty inhaler to keep it at bay. Plus, I've learned how to deviate from certain stressful occurrences that may cause any attacks. There's more struggle moving around and to be completely honest when the date is as near as it is now (due date: Sept. 27) you're just over being pregnant and can't wait to meet the little nugget that's been bouncing on your bladder for months!

Yes I know, everyone says I should relish this moment when I can sleep as much as I can and there's no little bundle to depend on me every hour on the dot, just yet. But I'm not getting that much sleep anyway (nightshift drama sa trabaho) and despite all this ranting, I can't wait to be a mom :).
It's a boy :D

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