Has it been 6 Months??!?! (Some Things First Time Moms Should Know)

I went through a typhoon of sorts after I gave birth to Cid (as in intense talaga friends), like a lot of babies he was a handful! Obvious na obvious when he came out he was a force to be reckoned with. He was 5 days overdue and survived, his cries were strong and demanding that he had every nurse on duty wrapped around his little finger. And as early as he could see and react he'd let you know through his expressive eyebrows (which he got from his Tatay) how absolutely weird, funny, noisy, ridiculous and amazing something is (react na react sya kala mo kung sinong matanda!).

A photo posted by Jana Sabs (@_janastyles_) on

A photo posted by Jana Sabs (@_janastyles_) on

 After just 6 months of (pure insanity, joke!) being a mom, with little guidance from mommy friends, the internet and watching relatives become moms when I was younger, I've learned a couple of things:
  • Being fussy over the littlest things or almost everything is a complete waste of time. Just deal with it and move on.
  • Once you think you've figured it out everything changes.
  • To outsiders you will look like you've got it together but you have no idea if you're doing anything right.
  • You're gonna have a ton of feelings. A whole lot of motherly feelings that come out of no where for random things (like TV commercials and almost every baby you see).
  • Your body has changed and it will not be the same. Take care of it, cause that's all you can do.
  • Don't stress. Stop. Take a deep breath. Everything will be fine.
It's going to be confusing so many times over, and you are going to question yourself more times than you ever have in your life (promise, grabe). But time passes, and like all proud (spit-up-covered-sleep-deprived) mothers, there will come a time when you'll look up and all the crying has turned to smiles, all the sleepless nights won't phase you anymore, and all the milestones are much more enjoyable.

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