Black and Red

Dress detail <3

You guys can not imagine how much of a challenge it's been to get up and put together an outfit. Yeah I know I've done it before (since forever) but since I started this blog I forced myself to put together looks that I haven't thought of before, colors that I haven't tried to put together and/or pattern on pattern pieces. Despite the little difficulty, I'm having fun, besides we all have to challenge ourselves one time or another right?? :D

Today's outfit is one of my simpler ones, I haven't worn this dress in a few months and I'm still thinking of other colors to pair with it (which isn't so hard cause it's black!). My default thing to pair with this dress is my favorite red cardigan from Forever21. I've been in skirts and dresses most of this week, unfortunately some of my pants aren't fitting really well anymore so you guys are going to be seeing more dresses and skirts until I grab myself some new slacks (soon I hope)!

Isn't it annoying that my photos have no consistency on borders and/or style whatsoever?! Try and bare with me I'm still deciding which one I like better, I promise I'll figure it out eventually :P

Cardigan : Forever 21
Dress : Eastwood City Bazaar
Shoes : VNC
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