My friend Cameele walking out of the stall! O.O I asked her to hide there so I could take my bathroom shot :D

 Another one of my mom's skirts that she used for tennis :P

Here's how my booties looked like. I love them, it took a while for me to get used to them 
but I love them.

I haven't worn tights with a skirt in a long time, I'm happy I did though, thankfully it wasn't too hot or humid to wear. It was however very windy and I had to watch my skirt every time we walked out of our building :P

My fiance and I have finalized our tattoo designs! Yes my friends we're both getting tattoos! I've considered getting a tattoo but never thought of anything worthy of going on my skin forever. I got the  idea of having something mom-related tattooed months ago, I don't remember how though. I wanted to have something of my mom's to walk down the aisle to when the big day arrives, some people just wear jewelry or attach a trinket to their bouquets. I decided to have it printed on me forever! I'll show you guys the designs once we have them stenciled I'm so excited!

I hope your week is going well, since I started this blog every thing's gone really fast, getting to know more bloggers from the Philippines, getting followers and people who comment (awesomeballs!). So far this blog has made me so happy and given me something else to do aside from work and cooking and giving my dog a bath :P. It's been fun so much fun so far! So as early as now I want to thank you guys, my little puddle of followers, I'm happy you guys are putting up with my ramblings and little fashion adventures :D

Cardigan: Greenhills Shopping Center
Red Top: Greenhills Shopping Center
Skirt: Vintage
Tights: Happychan Shop
Booties: Charles and Keith

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