Skirt + top = Skop? (and sleeping while modeling)

EDIT: Oh dear...I must have fallen asleep!

EDIT: There I'm awake now :D

Due to the lack of tops in my closet, okay so it wasn't a lack of tops, it was more like...I didn't feel like wearing anything in my closet, which would not be good, topless in the city is not good. Anyway, I decided to be "creative" and wear this skirt as a top! Oh c'mon, I'm sure you've done it before...right? It was a bit difficult because they held on for dear life and I almost had to pin them to keep them up, but over all, they kept me clothed the entire day :)

I had such a busy Monday, I had to dig into my brain for html codes I haven't used in a while but was still able to survive the task I'm doing, and still doing by the way, I'm happy I was actually able to finish a big bulk of my task yesterday. Just a bit more to do and I'm done with this project for now, I love getting stuff done earlier than the deadline, because this hardly happens :D. After work we went to Cubao Expo, to hang for a bit had a couple of drinks (yes, I had some more Coke Zero). I love winding down with my colleagues after work, all in all it was a nice start to the week.

For today I'm listening to some happy music to get a kick start on Tuesday, I hope your week is going great, if not I suggest you turn up this song and just dance like crazy!

Cardigan: Eastwood City Bazaar
Skirt turned into a top: Vintage
Slacks: Eastwood City Bazaar
Earrings: Gift
Necklace: Market Market
Shoes: VNC

P.S. Along with my silly colleagues at work, I have had this song stuck in my head for weeks now...probably almost  a month. I'm still not sick of it but I will eventually hate it.

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