Mustard Lovin'

For months I've been looking for a mustard sweater, cause my old one went ugly on me. It isn't easy to find a bright one like this one I'm wearing. Yes...bright mustard. If I got the color wrong spank me :D I finally found one at Greenhills Shopping Center one afternoon I was supposed to meet some friends, they couldn't make it :(. Instead I decided to take a calm stroll around and buy some essentials and came across this stall that sells cardigans! *happy dance* I've been over using it ever since :D

Sadly, I've only taken photos of a few outfits, so I decided to take a picture of what I was wearing yesterday in the office bathroom with my little Sony Ericsson phone. Isn't our bathroom wonderfully clean-looking-ish? :D You might catch more phone photos like this since my designated photographer isn't living with me yet, (a few months more and he will be though :D) and I can't just pull him out of no where and demand that he take a photo of me :D

Notice how much I love my nude pumps from Payless, I've used them for work non-stop since I got them!

Mustard yellow cardigan : Greenhills Shopping Center
Cream top : Thrifted
Skirt : Thrifted (It's the same gray one that I use in this entry...the camera just made it black me thinks)
Belt : SM Megamall Department Store
Nude pumps: Brash from Payless (<3)


Yay! It's Friday! :D
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