Just another rockstar wannabe

An attempt to look serious and rocker-chick-like

One last attempt

Yeah, I can't do it.
Top: Eastwood City Bazaar, Jeggings: Eastwood City Bazaar,
Necklace: BubblesBangles: SM Department Store, Cuff: Bubbles

This outfit happened because it rained really hard, which confused a lot of people because it's November and it isn't supposed to rain really hard anymore. Not to mention the sunny weather we've been having since the first week of the month. I looked out of my window and I decided I didn't want my feet to get all wet on the way to the bridesmaids fitting. My first option were my Plueys/Wellys of course but they were purple and I thought they might be too heavy and colorful for the simple outfit that I planned. My next option were these knee high combat boots that I bought a year or two years ago. Unfortunately I forgot where I bought them, all I remember is that I wanted a pair, looked online, bought it and got it in the mail a few weeks after. I have only used them out twice and I think I'm going to be using them more often now :)

Anyway back to how I put it all together, I put on the boots, and picked out my accessories. Before I knew it I felt like I was part of some band or like a band aid or something cool like that. The boy, couldn't stop taking a photos, which is why I actually have more shots than the ones I'm showing you guys now :D I think he liked it and yeah...I rocked the outfit (right? heh) :D

I got a few glimpses of the bead work for some of my bridesmaids, I'm so happy with how everything is looking. My designer is genius, I love her to bits and pieces, she's done so much for our special day <3

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday :)
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