My busy weekend

Saturday I had to be up early to meet my designer, bridesmaids and maid of honor for their fitting! It was nice to hang around the girls the rest for some lunch after the fitting and gossiping and having good food :D Right after our late lunch, a few of us went thrifting in Cubao! We went to a building near Gateway Mall, I was so overwhelmed that I just went mad over the racks and was all over the place in a matter of mins. I don't have actual photos of the trip (boo, I know :\) I should have taken some but I just got way to overwhelmed that I totally forgot I was writing about it. But anyway here are some of my purchases!

Sorry I just sorta threw them all on the bed and took a photo! :D

I had a few goal pieces that I wanted to find, to my surprise I was actually able to get a hold of them all!

My favorite one is this camel colored corduroy pants, I'm thinking of having them altered a bit, turn them into skinny jeans. I'm still not completely sure about the alteration that I want, but I was really excited about this find.

I finally got myself some animal prints can't wait to mix and match them.

Yesterday night after all that thrifting, I went to dinner with a bunch of my high school friends, it was so nice to see them after such a long time. I had to make a quick change from jeans and a shirt and this is what I came up with.

Not bad for a quick change :D

I hope you guys had a great weekend! :D

Cardigan: Greenhills Shopping Center
Top: Shop Incez Axe
Belt: Eastwood City Bazaar
Jeggings: Eastwood City Bazaar
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bangles: Girl Shop
Bracelets: Bubbles
Necklac: Bubbles
Ring: Bubbles

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