Funk it up a bit

Here I am again with Lucy! Don't you just love her? She's such a good skirt, I just haven't worn her...anywhere...yeah I know I should. There just isn't a time or a place yet, I mean I should wear her in the office but I feel like it's going to rain and I'm going to have a hard time commuting home. You know how much of a pain that can be right? But soon, I promise I WILL wear her out, if not at the office then at a fitting or like to the mall. Yeah, mark my words, I will wear Lucy outside somewhere.

Anyway, this week went by fast, before I knew it, Thursday's here and I have to prepare for the busy weekend ahead of me. First up, another fitting with my bridesmaids and flower girls! But I'm really excited about my thriftshop trip with my friends and can't wait to see what treasures we can find at the shops at Cubao. After all that shopping, I'm having dinner with my awesome and super gorgeous high school friends. I haven't seen them in ages which caused them to believe that I have been swallowed by a big green monster. I am finally making my appearance after a really really really long time, to prove that I have not been swallowed and/or eaten by any monster and/or similar and I'm so happy I get to see them :D Then on Sunday I have to bring my one and only love to the vet...no not the fiance, my love Champagne, let me introduce you guys.

Oh my goodness she stole my sunnies! 

I absolutely adore her, she thinks she's human and she acts like a super star around everyone, you could totally sneak up and steal her cause she'll love you instantly (but please don't).

What are your plans this weekend? :)

Top: Eastwood City Bazaar
Skirt: Eastwood City Bazaar
Tights: Happychan Shop
Boots: I totally forgot, this was so long ago already.
Necklace: SM Megamall Department Store
Bangles: Greenhills Shopping Center Bazaar
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