Rainy day in mom's closet

I woke up super early today because of the typhoon, the sound of the wind worried me. I didn't think I could brave all that and actually get to work in one piece. So I stayed home all day, I really don't like staying home if it isn't a weekend and if I'm not sick. It was nice to get some rest and read again, but I was just super super super bored. Of course my boredom isn't anything compared to the tragedy that a lot of Filipinos were up against yesterday and today, I'm keeping my prayers for everyone who's homes were destroyed by this typhoon, specially those families who have lost loved ones.

Today meant nothing but sleep for me, since we didn't have electricity most of the day, it was also nice to spend a bit of time with my dad (I think he was happy that I stayed home actually) have meals with him and teach him how to watch the TV series' that I got for him on his laptop. Aside from all that sleep, I decided it was just about time to jump into my moms closet one more time.

Sometimes when I look through her closet I keep thinking if she kept all these things for me to find! Well maybe not, but it's so nice to find surprises in her closet, things I never thought I'd even think of wearing AT ALL. This top is one of my favorites out of her closet, it is a bit over sized and I think I might get it altered but for now I think I like the way it's flowy and lose.

You guys think I should get it altered?

Top: Vintage
Pants: Eastwood City Bazaar
Necklace: Bubbles
Bracelet: Bubbles
Shoes: Fioni from Payless
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