Meet Lucy

 I really really REALLY want to wear this at the office alas, this aqua love of mine is too short and won't pass our dress code *sigh*. She's my favorite skirt so far so you will be seeing a lot of her. Her name's Lucy, say hi everyone :). Once I get me some opaque stockings I think I'll be able to wear her, but 'til then it's weekends for me and Lucy.

My tattoo artist, informed me last night that my design is already done, she won't be here this week though so I have to wait 'til she gets back to come see it. I know I keep saying I'm so excited but I have to say it again, I'm so EGZOOOIIITTEEED (I said it a different way this time :D) !!! I can't wait to drop by and oohh and aahhh over her creation of my chaotic idea :D.

I hope you guys had a good Monday, here's to the rest of the week, fight fight fight!!

Cardigan: Greenhills Shopping Center
Top: Teranova Glorietta 4
Skirt: Eastwood City Bazaar:
Belt: Eastwood City Bazaar
Shoes: VNC
Necklace: Vintage

P.S. I'm having my hair cut soon...meep! I hope it's not disastrous, wish me luck!
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