Busy Bride-to-be

The dress and top were thrifted! I'm posting them soon :D
Pirate outfit by my designer AND stylist Maita :) She's a genius I tell you!
Behind the scenes with Cherryblocks our oh so talented photograhers!  Check out their site, the photos will just blow you away!

Three cameras in front of you can be very very very VERY intimidating, but as the day went on we started to get used to it :D
I'm still here! I'm sorry for the sudden disappearance, I sure hope you haven't forgotten about me. I was running around the rest of the week due to an engagement shoot with the boy and a few wedding errands. It's been such a productive week! :D I only have some previews of the photo shoot, pictures taken by my designer/stylist/awesomesauce friend Maita (thanks a bazillion Maits!). She's such a talented designer, I swear she reads minds, she knows what I want even before I want it! She provided a two outfits and a lot of accessories, she even gave me the second dress I wore and a pair of earrings!!! I couldn't thank her enough for putting up with my indecisiveness, and then styling our engagement shoot PLUS giving me stuff, I feel the love :D. I brought some of my own outfits of course, the last outfit for the shoot was a team effort :). Our venue was a run down theater in Manila called the Metropolitan Theater, it's such a gorgeous place and I just fell in love with it after my maid of honor suggested it and I checked it out online! All in all I was just so happy with how everything turned out and literally exhausted at the end of the day, can't wait to see the photos! :D

Top: Eastwood Bazaar, Belt: Eastwood Bazaar, Skirt: Thrifted, Flats: SM Department Store,  
Necklace: BubblesBangle: Bubbles, Bracelets: SM Department Store

The boy grabbed some foodies at BonChon :)

I fell in love with this smile <3


For today, we decided to start late and get a few documents for the wedding. I was so happy I made sure to schedule my leave for two days, otherwise I'd zombify and be useless at work the entire day! We made a quick trip to the church where I was baptized, made a few calls for my other requirements and ended the day at Starbucks in Shangrila Mall, but passed by Bon Chon for a bite to eat. I wanted to wear something comfy since I knew we were doing a bit of traveling today so I decided the perfect thing to pull out of my closet was this skirt. I'm in love with her, her name's Aimee, and she'll be over used and abused. I thrifted her even if she is a bit faded, I just couldn't help myself. :)

I hope you all had a great Friday! Happy weekend everyone!

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