Cheapskate Tuesdays! :D

Presenting, another one of my awkward smiles when someone aside from my fiance takes
my photo. I'm adding this to the awkward smile collection.

Bangles: Seasons Shangrila (Php50, for a whole bag of them), Gold Bracelets: Vintage,
Bracelets: Gift, Ring: Greenhills (Php50)

I did some panic buying last week at the Eastwood Bazaar, I needed some basics to mix and match for our engagement shoot this week and for everyday as well. Aside from the usual thriftshop trip, I decided to go a bit higher on my budget this month, so I rushed over to the bazaar near City Walk and looked around. I found basic tops, in different colors for just 100 pesos each at the bazaar, and a few skirts for the same price. Of course you're going to have to do a little digging for the interesting patterns, like this one I got, but it's well worth it. All in all, splurging (I doubt it could even be called a splurge) on a basic top was good, I'm sure there are so many things I can match them with in my closet :). Nothing with 4 digits on this outfit my friends, nothing! :D

What are your favorite basic peices? :)

Isn't that ring just the cutest?? I've been accumulating rings recently...I think it's becoming an addiction.
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