Monday Madness

Top: Vintage, Cardigan: Forever21, Leggings: SM Department Store,
Shoes: Charles and Keith, Belt: Eastwood Mall, Necklace: Bubbles, 
Bangles: Seasons Shangrila Mall, Bracelets: Greenhills, Earrings: Gift

Phew! I've been sooooo busy, apart from the engagement shoot and wedding errands. We landed a big project at work! So expect that I'll be buried in work for the next few days. I wasn't even able to browse through my favorite blogs this morning, which is part of my routine when I get to the office before I start work :(. It's still a good thing though, I haven't had a lot to do in a few months now and the busy schedule is actually nice for a change. Anyway, because of my hectic day, the hours went by real quick! Before I knew it I was on my way home thinking of which outfit to post from the outfit archive :P. I guess that's how it goes when you need more time, it always seems like you don't have enough!

I have had this outfit tucked away in my files since last week, I was supposed to post it then, but since I put on my busy bee wings and had to buzz around, I couldn't blog about it until now. This may very well be my favorite styling of this animal print top from mom's closet :D

I'm still on busy mode for the rest of the week, so I may not be blog hopping and commenting my novel-like-comments. I will however still try and stop by as much as I can and yes, I will still be writing a few entries here and there :D I hope you guys have a fabulous week! :D

P.S. How may times did I say "busy" in this post?? Hahah :P
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