Cheapskate Tuesdays - When DIY becomes your best friend

On my last cheapskate post, thriftshops were my best friends, I decided that I can have two or more, thus, I am considering DIY my best friend too! Lets update our best friend list shall we? I don't always do a lot of DIY, mostly because I'm really really really (tremendously) bad at it. The best example is my all time favorite bow tie creation, from the back all you can see is disheveled cloth weird knots and uneven stitches, but it works, and I love to wear it :). It's making another appearance, on my blog once again, because I have no other bow ties to speak of (I'm getting some more soon...or making some more, and/or similar).

For my cheapskate entry today, I'm posting the outfit that I wore at the Trendsetter's Bazaar last Saturday :D
Blazer:Thrifted, Shorts:Eastwood City Bazaar, Tights:SM Department Store,
Shoes:VNC, Bracelets:Bubbles, Bangles:Girl Shoppe, Earrings: Seasons, Shangrila Mall
Bag:Mindanao trip years ago!

For the booties, I found a cheaper alternative (because there is ALWAYS a cheaper alternative):

1. The Lafiel Lockhart Online store:
Has a bit of a girly spin too because of the pretty laces (Php 1160)

2. Another one from the Lafiel Lockhart Online store:
For a sexier look :D (Php1420)
3. Parisian Shoes from SM Department Store:
I went to check out some booties at Megamall and were able to find quite a few that would really go well with the outfit as well, as low as Php1000-1300 a pair :). Style Bible featured their Spring/Summer Collection, but I noticed a few new designs up on display :D.

On another note, this outfit was featured by Female Network in their 35 Casual Chicas at Fahion Palooza: A Trendsetter's Bazaar post! YAY!!! :D Thank you so much Female Network for adding this outfit to your collection :). Just goes to show that, even if you are a total cheapskate you can still save up and walk around in style :)
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