Trendsetter's Bazaar - Temptation at it's best.

I was really excited to see what was in store at this bazaar, the only bazaar I frequent is the one near our office that opens almost every week at Eastwood. SO it was nice to be able to get a glimpse at what I could get my hands on at the Trendsetter's Bazaar. Before I start off with this post though, I'd like to thank Ms. Pax of Drowning Equilibriums for inviting some of her readers to this event, it was kind of cool to find my name on the guest list :D, so thank you thank you thank you again! :D


I spent the first part of my trip to Rockwell at Starbucks near the bazaar, with my two good friends and colleagues Cameele and Earl :D. Earl was our designated male companion for the bazaar (I still think he was down right crazy for coming with us though). Of course we kept on asking if he was alright, having to run around with girls who squealed over shoes, bags, and the latest fashion trends, but he was such a sport and very persistent on us buying something so he could be useful and carry some of our purchases.

I went around and took shots of some of my favorite items, BUT I did not buy a thing. Yes my friends, not a thing, I know I'm such a bad cheapskate. It's just that I'm saving up for one of my most prized accessory (my very first tattoo, dedicated to my mom) so I'm still very picky about what I buy. It wasn't that I didn't want to leave with anything at all, it just took a lot of will power not to buy anything and I was truly triumphant!

Here are some of my favoritestestest stores that I stumbled upon:

Of course the very first stall I walked toward is Estrellas Manila, I couldn't keep my eyes off all her accessories, they're all so gorgeous! I was so happy to find that she has an online store! This means shopping for me, specially now that it's already 2 months before Christmas! :D

 Since I've been all about accessories lately, I couldn't help but notice another store called M Shoppe that had super gorgeous earrings. There was also some zebra print bags that I had my eye on, the one on the second picture in particular because it looked so professional :D really good for spicing up your wardrobe at work!

I got my eye on those plain loafers :P

This bag from Sole Sister Lifestyle is the best everyday bag you can find. I wasn't able to take a photo of the pockets inside but I was super impressed when I found that there was a slot for flats!!! And I'm always bringing flats to the office specially when I'm commuting to work. They come in such cute colors too!

I almost pulled out my wallet at the sight of Rome, there is one shoe that has been haunting me from the start and I was so excited to see it live! Hahahah yeah I know it's silly that I didn't get it but I was all about self control that day! :D Can you guys guess which one I was planning to get??? :D

I seriously almost cried at the site of these gorgeous leopard print pumps...I even fit them, not to mention, I was wearing black tights and they just....I can't even....I just have to hop on to the next store because, these were my utmost temptation of the day.

One of my favorite skirts from Sesa! I really love the pattern on it super lush! And these colors are just gorgeous don't you think?? :)

I was so happy that we made one last round, just to find the gorgeous bags of Abby Jocson. These babies will speak for themselves, they're simple but super chic, I can't wait to get my hands on one! What initially caught my eye was the zebra print bag, which is really really gorgeous, but then I saw the yellow one with pockets up front and a camel colored version...OH MY! Really great for everyday, or even for work! I love that they're not overly decorated, and all have nice basic colors :D

All in all, even if I didn't buy anything, I was really happy to see what was at this bazaar. I was even happier to be able to check out online stores and find more online stores as well! We ended the day at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with a few (free) drinks (thanks Bianca!! :D) and chatting with friends, which is always the best way to end a great day :)

Borrowed this shot from Cameele
EDIT: I am never leaving empty handed ever again!!!!!

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