Top: Landmark Makati Dress: SM Department Store Rain boots: Plueys
Earrings: Seasons Shangrila Necklace: Bubbles Bracelets: Bubbles
Bangles: Girl Shoppe

It's October and I realized that the weather is off, the best term (I read) for it (and what everyone is calling it now, at least) is bipolar, we are having bipolar weather. I turn around for one second and it's raining, I look away again and all of a sudden the sun is peeking through the clouds and before I run around in bliss it's gone again, and then..okay I know, you get the point. You can just imagine how bipolar I get when it comes to deciding on foot wear as well! I have two heels I keep at the office and the rest I bring in my really really big bag, which can be annoying specially on a commute. It takes so much effort to be cute when it starts raining, my bangs shrivel into one bang and waves to a direction that really isn't very flattering. For a distraction I picked this outfit, maybe I hope and pray, it will make up for the hair disaster on my head :D
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