Feature: Marianne from Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

Marianne is all about the basics, I love her style and the way she jazzes up every wardrobe and just makes it look nothing less than classy! I happened upon her blog a few months back, and watching her juggle with school, life and her blog made her one of my favorite bloggers from Manila :D. Check out her blog and be part of her everyday adventures! :D

What do you love most about being a blogger?
I love that I get to meet such friendly and loving people in the blogging community, and some I have considered to be my friends which is entirely priceless! It is so refreshing to be able to put yourself out there and know how much you are being appreciated but most importantly how much appreciation you have for them in return.

What is it that you love most about yourself?
I love that I have such a positive outlook in life! Aside from that, on a physical level, I'd say it's the smile that I totally love about myself! I think more than the outfit, the clothes, make up and everything else, a smile is the best accessory anyone can have along with a great sense of confidence.

What are your favorite accessories?
My favorite accessories are my House of Harlowesque necklace and some leather bands which I absolutely adore. And they seem to be showing up in a lot of my outfit posts in the recent months.

Aside from accessories, what else do you do to jazz up a simple outfit that you put together?
Scarves for me are the perfect accessory, they just give an instant pizzazz and I love all my scarves as they were gifted to me by my aunt who is based abroad.

What is the one thing you splurged on to add to your closet and was it worth it?
I recently purchased for myself these ankle boots from Forever21 which cost about 1500++. I don't think it has been the most expensive item that I've purchased ever, but in the most recent months this has been a splurge item. I totally love it and its vintage look is very versatile. And so far it has served it's purpose since I was able to use it in most of my outfit posts. I can't wait to flaunt them again on my blog :), she's a favorite!

What's the best outfit you have, that you can turn to an outfit for school to an outfit for a night out?
Since we use a uniform to school, the only thing I can think of and could be incorporate here are my school shoes (that's right!). So even though we're required to wear THE uniform, I can still express myself with the shoes I wear which I sometimes use especially when I need to do a quick change from school uniform to a chic but casual wear for a night out.

What kind of pieces do you keep in mind when shopping under a budget?
Most of the outfits I own are really plain jane's as I tend to lean towards more classic pieces as they've lasted me through the years! And since I'm a student with a students budget as well, I try to buy pieces that I can remix with my all my other wardrobe and try to purchase trendier items in smaller items: shoes, bags and accessories.  I also try to keep in mind whenever purchasing items that I would need to be able to rework the item I purchased into different looks as well. Unless I get them on the cheap, like a "dress" I purchased at Forever21 for only 350+Php (I wore it at a Bulgari Event - no kidding!), then I can live with it without a remix in mind. But I'll probably try, just to juggle my brain :D

How would you describe your style?
I realize that for now I have a classic style but with a bit of an edge, I guess it's because of the age :D I hope people can relate and see it through my outfit posts too.
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