Everyday I'm Thriftin'

Cardigan: Greenhills Bazaar, Dress: Thrifted, Flats: SM Department Store
Belt: SM Department Store Bangles: Thrifted/Seasons Shangrila Mall, Earrings: Gift
Necklace: Bubbles

Okay...not everyday...but you get what I mean :D

Been thrifting a lot these days and it's made me happier than shopping in actual stores. I just usually grab basics in stores, and pieces that I know I'm going to use a lot more than usual. I guess I'm just a sucker for finding fashionable stuff at thrift stores, and even more happy that they cost less :D. I run under a tight budget, with the wedding and bills and grocery (we all know the drill) so the price that the clothes come for are a plus with thrifting :D

Happy weekend everyone! :)
The boy and I went to Greenhills once more last weekend, I recall we rushed over because my favorite yogurt might be in stock and I really wanted to buy a tub before anyone else got their hands on it! I girly-ed up and grabbed one of the dresses I thrifted, it was fresh from the wash and I was excited to take it out for a little spin :D

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