Shameless Plug: How to Save a (Doggie's) Life

When I started this blog I wanted to just keep close to fashion, post my OOTD's, and attend fashion events and bazaars. But this time I want to start blogging about other things like recipes, my style in cooking or eating random food, some of my favorite things, events, products and/or similar. Which brings us back to one of my new segments on this blog! The Shameless Plug! This is where I post anything under the sun that I really really like, regardless if there is a endorsement deal or not! It may be my favorite blogger/vlogger, favorite pants, fruit, beauty products, book, Instagram photo, Vine video, ANYTHING. So if you guys want me to plug anything or want to be plugged yourself, let me know in the comments below! I will of course screen all submissions and make sure that I'm game to try what you suggest and if I really really really love whatever it is that I post.

My very first plug are these two.


There are only two reasons why people stop by our place for a visit, first is to see Andy and Gap, second is to have actual human interaction provided by my husband and yours truly and sometimes pig out on my very famous Vomit Pasta (yes, I call it that, but it is delish!) These two cuties have walked the streets of our community and captured the hearts of many dog lovers in our area. They may look like ordinary dogs and you might even be thinking what their breed is, but these two are as special as they get.

Andy is our adopted wonder dog and we have been fostering Gap, she's up for adoption! Any takers? :D 

Andy was abandoned and abused, roamed one particular house in Makati until he was spotted by the kind hearted Ms. Rinna and was rescued with the help of Compasion And Responsibility for Animals (C.A.R.A)

One of Andy's first photos, so scared that he wouldn't move
out of the corner of the kennel at the vet
Andy's first time out on leash, would not move at all.
His fur was nonexistent, his self esteem shot, and he was really scared of humans. After discharge from the vet, Andy was taken in for fostering by his mama Li-An and little by little his loving, playful and kind nature started to seep out as well as his fur ;)

Andy with his mama Li-An our co-parent :)

His mama Li-An was even featured in the July/August 2012 issue
of Look Magazine along with our Andy :)
photography: BJ PASCUAL
styling: KAT CRUZ
make-up: BARBI CHAN

He chose to be part of our family June 2, 2012 :)

Gap was abandoned in the Mandaluyong Animal Shelter, she was left with a big cut on the side of her neck and was treated immediately thanks to donations readily available for any M.A.S. animals that needed assistance. I would have posted the picture of her big wound here but it isn't for the faint of heart, just trust me when I say it was really big for small dog like her. We think it might have been caused by a wire collar.

Sleeping soundly on the foot of our bed
Gap hangin' on the couch
She was super shy at first, but turnerd into a bouncing happy ball of fur once she warmed up to us. When she chooses you to be her human, you are her world :)

Deciding to adopt was a long process for my hubby and me, there were plenty things to consider. But the rewards are endless, knowing that you helped save a life and in return you get a loving and loyal furbaby :). As long as you find the right pup it will be a match made in heaven! We didn't need to teach Andy any more than new tricks, he was potty trained, paper trained, came with a few cute tricks AND carried his own poopy bags when we go out for walks :). You can find Andy's everyday adventures on his Facebook page (yes he has even more followers than I do!).

As mentioned before, we are fostering our little Gap, and she's ready for adoption already. She's potty trained, very laid back and will never cease to show you how much she loves and misses you when you've come home. She's used to living in a condo, but should be walked at least twice a day to exercise and to potty :)

If you or any of your friends are thinking of getting a pup, maybe you can consider adopting instead :) you don't only get a loving pet, you also get a chance to save a life :)

Like C.A.R.A's Facebook Page and M.A.S. Facebook Page you can get more info about adopting, donating and even fostering from their representatives.
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