Awkward smiles and a giveaway!

I decided I shouldn't let this outfit go to waste. I had this taken at work and most of my photos I was wearing my ID (duh *slaps forehead*), thus I only have two shots. It's the first time I've ever put this together and I think they work :D

I think I'm starting to have a default awkward smile when I'm being taken by another person at the office (other than the fiance of course). This one so far is the winner, it's the "are you taking it already?"-awkward smile. If this keeps up I'm going to compile all of them and make an entry out of it.

Since I've started this blog I decided to join in a handful of blog giveaways, I was told about this one by Wonder Woman Rises author herself! I decided to check it out last night and I was excited about joining!

I love that she's going to have this big giveaway to thank her followers and soon I plan to put up my own once I hit the number of followers that I would like. For her give away there will be 5 winners, and each prize is personalized for each winner (love this idea by the way). The prize categories are, Accessories, Beauty, Clothes, DVD's, and Eye Candy. Check out her site for more details on this awesome givaway! :D

Blazer: SM Megamall Department Store
Top: Forever 21 Megamall
Leggings: SM Megamall Department Store
Pumps (my all time favorite nudes): Brash from Payless Megamall

EDIT: That smile is epic.
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