Cleaning day!

I woke up this morning and felt really icky, I realized it was because of the clutter all around me, so I decided today was the day to stay in and clean! I've gone too long without cleaning my stuff, I have shoe boxes and shopping bags everywhere! Here are some photos of my shameful room and others of how it all turned out after :D

First thing's first, organize my cluttered desk so that it can actually function as one! 
It's horrid I know!

Next, clean and rearrange the shoes!

Of course I also rearranged the furniture just for a change.

 Finally a more organized desk

 Still a bit cluttered but at least it's my organized mess :D

Clean sheets!

 Rearranged shoes!! :D

Ah...The happy cleaner!

My extra pair of pink shoes...they're too big for me, anybody want them? :P

Oh and I was sooo determined to clean everything I even gave my dog a bath!

Will resume with outfit entries tomorrow, for now I need to rest after this very productive day. Have a great week ahead everyone! :D

P.S. A round of applause for the fiance..for without him I would not have a clean bathroom :P

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