Dragons beware!

All my life has been spent within these walls.  When I was younger, everyone was around, there was always so many people, you could walk in each others houses to borrow sugar and/or similar. Our house is a compound with a garden in the middle, the best times were holidays and special occassions, this was where everyone would gather to celebrate, it was (and still is, at least for now) the best place to hold parties. As I grew up my cousins started to get married and move in to their own houses. Here in the Philippines, we like to stick around our parents houses usually until we decide to settle down and have enough to find our own way in the world. The compound became empty, even more so when my mom passed and eventually, all my mom's siblings decided, it was time to sell the property.

I didn't realize until a few months back that I didn't really need to find a lot of locations for my shoot, the surroundings of the house was enough for all the outfit posts that I wanted up, well at least until it's gone. So before we lose this place forever, I decided to get out of my room and look for those little nooks and crannies that I loved about this place, and take my very willing (and now, very skillful) fiancé to them for outfit shoots. That way, I still get to have photos of the house I've lived in all my life :)

This specific spot is very memorable to me, I literally got playful and a whole bunch of silly when we started shooting. This is where the laundry is done, it's under the water tank of house. My cousin and I used to play here a lot during weekend afternoons, we even used to try and climb the ladder to the dam, which I have never reached (hrm...idea!). Once I touched the bars it reminded me of all those times we tried slaying dragons in this place!

Dragons beware!!!!

I have a mop!!! FEAR ME!!!!

Did you guys have any favorite spots you slayed dragons or played house in?
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