Double Posting

I'm blogging again, to make up for the lack of entries this week, I've been all sickly and was off work for a day. Opening my laptop wasn't very good for my eyes so I couldn't read any new posts from my favorite bloggers :(  or post any of my own and now that I'm able to I'm doing a double post just for you (check out the feature I posted today, she's a total babe!)! But before I go on, stand back! You might get my colds!

For my sick day post, I wanted to go, comfy but smart casual. Yes, this is it, I decided to go for this kind of bohemian-ish top (I <3 bohemian-ish things), and my all time favorite brown pants, I absolutely love these pants...yeah I know I'm so obvious about it.

Top: Eastwood Bazaar
Pants: Eastwood Bazaar
Shoes: VNC
Bangles: Girl Shop
Bracelet: Bubbles
Necklace: Bubbles
Earrings: Gift
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