Yeah, my dad owns it.

Imagine the embarrassment, my dad walking in the mall, around the house, somewhere public, in pink shorts, with his beer belly popping out. It was completely normal for him though, they were a pair that he could still use, it still fit him. But imagine, how it made the rest of us feel. Obviously back then none of us were happy that pink shorts were actually part of his wardrobe, but a week ago, I was very thankful that they were :D.

Everyone please applaud my one and only awesome father for keeping this pair of pink shorts for years and for looking for them endlessly until he found it. For without his efforts I won't be able to post this outfit. :)

Cardigan: Eastwood Bazaar
Top: Sorry I can't remember...but I remember that I bought them for my thesis defense, bohemian-y effect. Because my thesis was designed in the bohemian-y way :D
Shorts: Vintage (Dad's *gasp*)
Shoes: Fioni from Payless

EDIT: I should never have a photo taken when I just got out of the shower and my hair looks like a wet dog on my head. Sorry guys.
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