Feature: Laura of The Blog of Worldly Delights

Laura is one of my favoritest(estestestest) bloggers, when I first checked out her blog I was an instant fan! I love reading through her 6-month challenge adventures and really admire her will power. Aside from her 6 month challenge, I was amazed at how she can alter her thrift shop finds and totally transform it! You guys have to go check out her site to learn more about her, her awesome style and her fashion challenge! :D But first...

What do you love about yourself and why?
I love that I am very open-minded and flexible. Because of these, I am able to embrace different styles. It also makes me more well-rounded as a person and more approachable!

What is it that you love most about being a blogger and/or blogging and why?
I love the blogging community. There are so many great people out there with amazing opinions, fashion outputs, and just great personalities! Getting to meet and bond with these people are definitely the BIG pluses of blogging.

What are your favorite accessories?
I love rings. Especially huge, gaudy, statement pieces. I'm too lazy to change my earrings or necklaces everyday, but changing rings is so easy, and having one or two alters a look quite drastically!

What is the one thing you splurged on to add to your closet and was it worth it?
I am a total cheapskate. I rarely buy anything full price, and if I do, they have to be less than $50. I've always had this mindset, especially because I am always on a student's budget. But last year, I splurged on a real leather jacket. I'd been wanting a leather jacket for as long as I can remember, but just couldn't find one that fit me just right. This one from Black Rivet looked lovely and was $170 or so.

What is your favorite comfy outfit and why?
When I want to be comfy, I grab one of my superhero tees and pair it with either jeans or leggings. Tees, denim, and leggings are very easy to move in, and I can go from doing one activity to another in moments. However, I make sure to get a more fitted-tee or denim so as not to look sloppy, and wear my leggings with a jersey skirt, for modesty's sake.

Do you have any advise to anyone who wants to start doing a challenge like your 6-month challenge?
 Before going into a challenge, make sure you have set goals. I published mine on this page to make sure I was reminded why I went into the challenge in the first place. Motivation is key to succeeding in any challenge!

Do you have any DIY/sewing tips for beginners?
Be positive. Sewing is a lot of fun and is a great outlet for creativity! I'm not the best seamstress, but with a lot of practice and patience, it gets easier each time! Also, start small. There are a lot of easy crafts that you can practice stitches on. If you hand-sew, you can practice hemming or embroidering. If you want to work with a sewing machine, you can make skirts as your first project!

How would you describe your style?
I'd like to think that I'm sort of kinda like an edgy geek. My specs really dictate most of the geekiness (superhero pins, tees, and paraphernalia, aside), and I love wearing darker colors and elements. When wearing girlier pieces, I tend to even them out with edgier pieces as well, so I don't look too sweet.

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