Here's me saluting someone...or pretending to be at sea!

The shades - my first animal print purchase :D

Here is the true lover of animal print Cameele! She seriously almost took my top away from me leaving me naked in the office. I'm so glad she didn't, me without a top is not good. I insisted we have a photo together because she did so well with her mismatched outfit, don't you think? :D

I took a weekend break from my blog, yes, I did. You'd think that since I'm a baby-blogger I'd profusely blog even on the weekends, beause I'm all uber excited and energetic about outfits and that I stayed up Friday night putting outfits in my mind and all that, nope...I didn't. I went out with friends/colleagues from work, yup, that's what I did, went out, Coke-Zero style. This time we got it right though, it was a FRIDAY night not a TUESDAY night. I came home at about 3:30 am  and super glued myself to the bed and decided not to have the glare of the computer in my eyes for a whole weekend. Okay fine, that didn't happen, I checked twitter and facebook. But I slept in late, got a cold and was a bit sickly all weekend. *sigh* I have a morning-after allergy, I get colds when I don't get enough sleep thus the weekend break. But obviously, I'm back :D.

So anyway, last week I decided to get over my fear of animal print and wear one of my mom's-closet finds. I was shocked to find this in her closet actually. I've never seen her in it, ever, or maybe I refused to see her in it because I didn't like animal print so much. Or it could be that I called her ugly in it and she never ever ever wore it ever again (sorry mom, heh :P). But currently, I'm in love with it and will never let it go!

I have a question - If you guys would wear this with a printed piece, what would it be? I need to be inspired! :)

Top: Vintage
Leggings: SM Megamall Department Store
Belt: Eastwood City Bazaar
Necklace: Bubbles
Bracelet: Bubbles
Bangles: Girl Shop
Shoes: Fioni from Payless

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