The heavenly sight of deserts....Oh so heavenly. Don't you just want shrinkand prance around them in that little plate? Oh never mind, you might get eaten...
Friends chowing down the foot, my fiance's hand quickly getting some rice before it's all
Happy strolling around Greenbelt, okay fine, we were posing but we made an effort to take
at least one step :D
Top: Eastwood Bazaar, Scarf: Gift, Jeggings: Eastwood Bazaar Sandals: SM Department Store
Bag: Mindanao trip ages ago! Animal print bangles: Girl Shoppe, Shades: Vente Store
Bracelets: Bubbles

A wedding means you have to make sure you have good food, specially if you have guests who are food lovers like mine. So a couple of friends, my wedding planner, my fiance and I made sure that we made the best food choices last Saturday. All I can say is that it was the best food tasting I have ever been in and it will be the last :D I was able to try all the dishes in the menu that we chose and I got to decide all the dishes with the help of awesomesauce friends! The other best part about it is, we got an entire desert bar, with 12, yes TWELVE different deserts!!! We became little Taz Manian Devils after all that sugar, oh the sugar high happiness I tell you, I couldn't believe we even tried ALL of them. The rest of the foods servings were small, but since it was a food tasting, it still seemed like there was so much to try, food comma commenced right after. I'm really really really happy with this caterer :D. Hooray! We finally have one three months before our wedding! Talk about last min preparations!

On to my outfit, I wanted to be comfy, able to carry around my "food-baby" (term taken from Laura) but stylish at the same time. Doesn't it look effortless? :D I finally found my favorite comfy outfit, congratulate me :) it was difficult but I finally got here. Cameele wore her black top that I love, denim shorts, and heels making her legs endless comparted to my stubby ones. But that's okay, I think we both looked fab that day :D

I hope your weekend went great! Have an awesome week everyone :D
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