Feature: Tina Matanguihan of tinamats.com

Tina is the go-to girl for books, if I'm lost in a bookstore and don't know what to read she's the girl I send my SOS to, she'll surely suggest the best reads for exactly what I'm looking for. Since she's all about books (oh, and writing, yes my friends she's a writer too! Talk about all out talent!), I wanted to feature her and her style on my blog, because lets admit it everyone has their own style :). She's one of my very good friends at work (not to mention one of my bridesmaids), bookstore savior extraordinaire, master de-bugger, and awesomesauce writer, but let me steer her away from what she normally blogs about (jump over to her site and check out her posts :) I know you'll love it!) and show you guys the stylish threads she prances around in everyday! 

1. What is it that you love most about yourself and why?
Physically? My shoulders/collarbones and my lips. After losing weight, I realized  that my best feature are my shoulders and I love it when I see my collarbones. They're usually the indicators that I haven't gained too much weight yet. :P As for my lips...well, my good friend Cors told me I had nice lips, and it was only lately I realized that it was true. Pucker up! ;)

Non-physical? I like that I am positive, and I bounce back quite easily. :) And I'm also pretty talkative. And I like to laugh. :)

2. What is your most favorite accessory that jazzes up ANY wardrobe? 
I'm still looking for THE PERFECT accessory, but right now I really like the following:

I got these from Bangkok a few years ago when purple was still my most favorite  color. It's only lately I started wearing them, and I like that they give any outfit a little pizzazz. Is that what you call it?

I also love necklaces, those big chunky statement ones. :) I like that they jazz up outfits like that.

3. What is your favorite comfy outfit and why? 
Not counting the usual jeans+shirt combination which I have been wearing since college, three/four things: long tops + leggings, dresses and skirts. Long tops make me look slimmer, so I always try to find these kinds of tops. Sometimes I wear them with crazy hats. :P

While I was thinking of an answer to this question, though, I realized that I really, really like dresses and skirts. I guess it's because I like the girly feeling they give. Of course, you can't wear them when it rains (which is lately, in Philippine climate), but dresses and skirts make me feel sopretty. :D Like the following:

(Oh did you know that Jana picked out all of these dresses for me? :D) 

Of course dresses mean you can't really mix and match them...that is why I think I should acquire more dresses. :P Or get more skirts.

4. What is the one thing you splurged on to add to your closet and was it worth it?
My most recent purchase:

I got these nude heels from VNC while I was looking for shoes for my friend's wedding. I saw it but I didn't get it immediately because I knew it was expensive. But on my second store visit, I finally fitted it and it looked AMAZING. Good thing it was on sale. :D Hey pretties!

5. Is there a book character that has the same style as you do? Please describe her character and what you like most about her style.
Oh hm. Too many book characters! But the first character that comes to mind is Phoebe Grant from Laura Jensen Walker's duology, Dreaming in Black and White and Dreaming in Technicolor. She's not exactly the smallest girl around (we share the same love of chocolate :D), but she knows how to make herself look good, and I think she feels good about herself too. Some quotes:

"I'm thinking I'll go the classic route: black pants, white Tommy Hilfiger blouse, and my longer black blazer that covers my hips. Classy but in control. And not trying too hard."
"I settled on a sapphire blue sundress that swirled away from my hips and thighs. I added a white blouse in case the theater was chilly, slipped on flat sandals along with my favorite silver toe ring..."

I want a sundress too. Hm. Oh, and she gets a pair of Manolo Blahnik boots in the second book. ;)

6. How would you describe your style? 
Three things: casual, confident and girly. Casual, because I've always been casual and I don't think I've ever outgrown that. Confident, because I'd like to believe that I'm more confident now than I used to be (granted, I still have a lot to learn, but I'm starting!) and I'm not really that afraid to try things I haven't tried before. And finally, girly, because there is nothing like having the right outfit to make me feel like a girl. ;)


Rumor is, Tina is planning a 26 dresses segment on her blog for her up-coming birthday next year on March! You guys have to check that out! I know it seems far but time flies and before you know it...BAM! It's March! :D
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