Wide legness

Shrug: Landmark Makati - Top: Landmark Makati - Pants: Thirfted
Shoes: Fioni from Payless - Animal print bangles: Girl Shoppe
Vintage bangles: Seasons Shangrila Mall - Bracelets: Greenhills
Connector ring: Bubbles

When I went thrifting last month and the one thing that I really wanted to find was wide legged pants. I was sure I was going to find a pair, I didn't have a specific color in mind but it was definitely on my list. We were moving through the 40 peso racks when something told me to hop on to the 20 peso racks up front. I looked through and found these babies! Really cute pinstripe kind of wide leg-y pants, oh joy! Oh rapture! A friend who was looking through another rack told me I shouldn't get them, but I just could not help myself. So what if I'd spend a big bulk of my morning pulling out every top in my closet trying struggling to style it? So what if I spend sleepless nights thinking of what top, what shoes, what accessories. It needed a home and my closet was comfy :). And the fact that it was just 20 pesos made the decision even easier! I've styled it a few different ways, but this is the first one I'm showing you guys. I'd like to style them with a really nice white t-shirt and a cute scarf for a laid back look. Would you guys know where I can buy a lose white shirt with a good shape? I've tried mens shirts but I just look too bulky on top *sigh* it's so difficult to find the right white tee...help? :)
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