Cheapskate Tuesday!

 Necklace: Bubbles  (Php 295) Bangles: SM Department Store (I bought it a long time ago
I don't remember how much they are! sorry!) 

Today I went to work as part of the skeletal team. It's actually my first time to come to work on a holiday since I started working in this company. All in all, it was nice, Eastwood was almost empty, no traffic whatsoever so the commute was short. I like this semi-ghost town feel, sometimes crowds aren't my thing. Getting pushed and shoved, and not to mention I have a semi phobia to enclosed spaces so an elevator ride with a big group of people is always a nightmare for me.

Last weekend the fiance and I decided to hop on over to Greenhills again, because he wanted to check if his mobile phone was available, (he applied for a line) and I needed to have my phone replaced because one of the buttons wasn't working. I decided to take Aimee out for another spin! She's really my favorite skirt, I can't believe I found her at the thriftshop. I decided to be brave and try to mix my striped top with her, I think it worked out well, don't you?

Thank you for the comments I got for my last post, I'm starting to feel better about the whole thing. There are just times when I remember and I get all down and drama queen about it. Thanks for letting me vent all about it here too, but on to happier stuff :D

P.S. Sorry for the grainy photos....I'll have graininess all week cause I just had my photos taken with my phone and at night thus, grainy-ness galore! Lets just pretend it's a really cool camera effect shall we? :D

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