It's Wednesday already O.O

Colleagues Earl and Cameele enjoying the left over pasta from lunch, they bought BBQ's to eat with them
at snack time! :D

Blazer: Thrifted, Top: Greenhills Bazaar, Belt: Eastwood City,
Pants: Saint Francis Square, Necklace: Bubbles, Shoes: Fioni from Payless

I was just about to whine about the week being so slow and then I realized...WHOA it's Wednesday O.O.

Anyway I had such a great day today we have something called "Special Interest Group" (SIG) at work. For our team what we did was to present something that we are interested in to the members of our team. My first battle was the subject of my SIG, being a multimedia artist confuses me sometimes. At first I wanted to teach video editing. It's the one thing that some of my teammates have been asking me to teach them. But I realized that, teaching video editing would be easier if they were hands-on with a computer and not all of us have editing softwares. The next best thing to teach was Photoshop, but most of them already know Photoshop and I was stuck with what I was going to teach about it that they didn't already know ('cause they are awesomesauce and they know a lot of stuff). I had this dilemma for a few weeks until I stumbled upon a sight that had a few short cuts (very useful ones, if I may add) and decided that, since we use Photoshop both for personal and for work that I would share to them the shortcuts I knew and the ones that I could find online as well.

I wanted to make it exciting, so I planned a little contest for them to join with food prizes!!!! :D My first prize was supposed to be a big Tupperware of pasta, that I would prepare the night before but I decided against that because I wanted to be able to share it with the rest of the team instead. SO my final list of prizes were, a bag of Cheetos, two Twix candy bars and a bag filled with popcorn puffs (I call them puffs not balls because I think they're puffy, and the word balls has never been the same to me ever since I started high school) that I made. I took the pasta that I cooked (tomato, pesto, with white cream and mozarella) and shared it with them over lunch and was able to present my Photoshop Shortcuts SIG in the afternoon.

The contest was simple, I made a graphic and had them recreate it using the shortcuts that I taught in the presentation! And a colleague of mine (who is part of the Graphics team of our team [hope that makes sense]) and I were the judges on whose was the closest to what I made and who would get that big bag of Cheetos! After all the prizes were given away, and all the prize haggling was over, we all ended up happily munching on all the food, the best end to my SIG :D

Hope you guys are having a great week! I have bridal duties this weekend for two of my bridesmaids are fitting this Saturday :D (yay!)

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